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It can be sooo hard to stay focused on what is important, because it ALL feels important.


As business owners and entrepreneurs, everything we do matters! There is very little, if any, line between work and home life, because we ARE our business. With so few lines, things become blurred, and then lines can disappear completely. This is not only bad for our personal lives, and our sanity, but also for our overall vision. We need to take the time to revisit our vision, our mission statements, our “whys,” our manifestos.

All of those intangible things are what hold everything else together.


They are so critical, but they can be so easy to lose when we get caught up in all the business. There are SO many shiny pennies out there! (If you don’t know what that is, check out this blog here!)

Since we have taken some time to identify the things that might be distracting us, even if they are good things, now lets look at the things that MUST stay. That we can never lose sight of. Because if we do… it could cost us everything.

I take no credit for coming up with these questions… they came from Hannah Brencher  who is an award-winning blogger, coach, author of If You Find This Letter and TED speaker.

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So let’s Discuss:

If you had a megaphone, and you could only say ONE sentence into it, but the WHOLE world would hear it… what would you say?

When your life is over, what message do you want to leave behind through your work? What do you hope lasts longer than you?

If you could narrow down your audience to one person, who would it be and what would you say?

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