Organize A SABRE Social

One of the biggest elements of SABRE is our commitment to give back to our local community.

The goal of a SABRE Social is to bring people together to share an experience or activity that also gives back to the community in some way.  It allows SABREs and guests to connect and give at the same time… and have a lot of fun in the process!

Step One: Choose activity/location, day, time, and charity to benefit. You should chose a date at least three weeks out from when the event is announced to allow for adequate planning and promotion.

Past ideas and suggestions: bowing night, family picnic, hiking, volunteering, escape room, progressive dinner downtown, go cart racing, roller skating, weekend brunch, ice cream social, kickball/flag football tournament, board game night… the sky’s the limit!

Ways to give back: donate money, donate time, donate items (bring-a-football, bring-a-school supply, etc)

Step Two: Complete “SABRE Social Details” form and turn in to your Group Leader, or email to [email protected]

Step Three: Book event and work with location manager/owner to discuss event details and how to give back to charity.

Step Four: Promote event! Elizabeth will set up a “shell” event for you on the SABRE Networking Facebook page, and she will post the event on the website. You fill in the details on Facebook event (cover photo, event details, invite friends) and share with your fellow SABREs.

How much you promote is up to you! You can make fliers, post photos and events on Facebook, and share event details at the weekly meetings.

Download SABRE Social Worksheet HERE

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