The SABRE Gives Award

GIVING is at the heart of SABRE Networking!

The SABRE GIVES Award was created as a way to recognize members of SABRE that are shining examples of Connecting, Equipping, and GIVING not only in SABRE, but in their businesses and communities. Recipients of the award have strong growing businesses, are active in sharing leads, referrals, and training within the group, and participate in volunteer events.

December 14, 2017 – Jason Jones, Essential Pest Control


Jason Jones is a shining example of connecting, equipping, and giving in SABRE. His consistent attendance at weekly meetings, volunteer events, and SABRR Socials has lead to a strong reputation of being reliable and trustworthy. He faithfully support his fellow SABREs through referrals and one on ones, and takes things a step further by leading others to do the same.

December 14, 2017 – Courtney Nielson, Fitness Manager Chuze Fitness and founder of Fit Cakery

Courtney is a true leader in SABRE, organizing everything from multiple SABRE Socials raising over $1000 for local charites to #SABREselfie moments at weekly meetings. She encourages her fellow business owners to keep their bodies healthy through BizFit and also gives back to Tucson through the Grow 2 B Fit Foundation by teaching health and fitness tips to children and families. When she is not educating, training, blogging, cooking, and volunteering she supports her fellow SABREs through consistent one on ones and referrals.

July 7, 2016 – Northwest – Michael and Denisse Bravo, Bravo Insurance Solutions and Bravo for Oils 

IMG_6134 Michael and Denisse Bravo go above and beyond not only for their customers, but for their fellow SABREs as well! Their behind the scenes help is critical in ensuring that the weekly meetings run smoothly, and their office is always open to business owners that need an extra space for meetings and one and ones. Bravo Insurance Solutions is family business, with Michael and Denisse working together along with Michael’s mom Sandy. Michael is the President of the Arizona State Insurance Health Board and together the company has over 30 years of insurance experience. They are also a shining example of how business owners in the same industry can collaborate together and share community over competition. Denisse’s “Bravo for Oil” business really allows her to put her heart for people front and center! She has launched one of the fastest growing Young Living oil businesses and is on fire sharing essential oils with Tucson and beyond. They have a wonderful son named Zander and are very active in karate!

July 14, 2016 – East – Scott Melde, That Alarm Guy – Capital Connect

13330931_10153433287895683_3976404415950138076_n Scott Melde, “That Alarm Guy,” is one of SABREs biggest cheerleaders! Whether it is being the #hypeman for volunteer events and SABRE Socials or helping out at the weekly meetings, Scott can be counted on to give a helping hand when needed. Through Capital Connect, where he has worked since before he even graduated college, Scott provides residential homes  and business owners with reliable and affordable security systems and automation. Scott’s recently launched Facebook business page, “Scott Melde – That Alarm Guy”, is a great example of not only the power of video in business, but also how creating your own brand can really set you apart from the competition. In addition to his own page, Scott also actively helps out his fellow business owners on social media by commenting on and sharing their content, leaving reviews, and assisting with training and trouble shooting when needed. He also is active in one on ones and sharing leads, referrals, and training tips with his fellow SABREs. Scott and his wife Nicole have an infant son named Oliver and are avid U of A fans.

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