Every business that donates a raffle valued at $100 or more will receive two event tickets and placement in the event directory. All raffle proceeds will go directly to a local charity!


Q & A

How much are raffle tickets?

Tickets are $10. All of the raffle sales will be donated back to a local Tucson charity. This is the fundraising portion of the event!


Which charity is being highlighted?

We are finalizing that soon!


How can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online, bundled with your event ticket, or in person at any SABRE meeting.


Who can donate a raffle item?

Anyone! We welcome raffle gifts from both businesses and individuals.


What would make a great raffle donation?

Think about what YOU would be excited to receive! Local items – whether handmade my a Tucson artisan, a basket of treats, or a gift card to a fresh new dining place in town – are a hit. You could also contribute a gift certificate for your businesses services.


What if my business doesn’t have a product or service that would make a good raffle item?

You can still contribute! Consider teaming up with another local business, like a spa or restaurant, for the raffle. For example, “Polly’s Pest Control” could purchase a wine and snack basket or gift certificate and donate that for the raffle.


What do I get in return for donating?

For your donation you will receive two event tickets, which includes drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Your business info will also be placed in the event directory, so everyone will have your contact info. SABRE also loves to do social media shout outs, and your business name and link will be posted here on this page as well!


Why is there a form I have to sign?

The Donation Agreement is for accountability and organization. It helps us keep track of who is donating what, and makes sure that we have your tickets ready for you when you check in at the party!


On the Donation Agreement form it asks me to sell at least two tickets to the event. Why do I have to do that if I am already donating?

This party is a collaboration of many businesses working together to have a great evening! It truly is a team effort, from organizing the food and vendors, to social media, to selling tickets. By asking everyone who is collaborating to sell at least two other tickets, the responsibility of ticket sales is spread out among everyone. So spread the word to people you would like to be at the event with you – friends, family, co-workers, even clients! You can also purchase two tickets yourself and use them as a gift, giveaway or special “thank you” to a client or customer.


Do I need to wrap my donation?

Yes please! You are responsible for making your raffle look festive and pretty. You don’t have to go overboard – just some simple gold ribbon and greenery or a basket with some tissue paper is fine. Remember that your raffle reflects you and your business, so you want it to look nice! If you are donating a gift certificate, consider putting it in a fancy envelope or small gift box.


When do I need to have my raffle ready?

Please turn in your wrapped raffle item no later than December 1st at the SABRE meeting. The earlier you can turn it in the better, though, and then that is less you have to worry about!


Can I turn in my raffle item when I arrive at the party?

Nope… we really need them at least the week before! Please help us keep the event organized and stress free by having your item ready early. It’s a team effort!


Why a $100 minimum? Can I donate less?

The minimum donation is set at $100 to keep things consistent and classy. We want everyone who wins a raffle to be excited about their gift! We also want to raise as much money for the feature charity as possible, and the  more amazing raffles items we have, the more tickets we can sell. Remember that the price point is $100 retail , so the actual cost to you might be less than that, depending on your business.



Who has donated raffles so far?

Great question! Here is the list!

Darla Roberts – Stampin’ with Darla – $100 Gift Certificate

Lara Ludwick – Thirty-One Gifts – complete travel set (Foldover Weekender bag, Hanging Travelers Case and Jewelry Bag, $135 value)

Don Winfield – Up and Running Computer Services – full day trip from On The Road Again For You

Jamie Karr – Yonique

Stacy Fowler – BRAKE Max Car Care Centers – $150 car care Gift Certificate

Sherry Fritz – Transform Your Health – 1 box of shakes ($110 value)

Jenny Kwapich – LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant – 3 pairs of leggings and $25 gift certificate

Marco Andrino – Tucson Carpet Repair and Cleaning – 4 rooms cleaned ($140 value) & 2 $105 Gift Certificates

Victor Thompson – Green Toes  – $100 Gift Certificate

Michele Fisher – Texas Roadhouse Marana – Gift Certificates

Julie Cruz – Majestic Limousine – $100 Gift Certificate towards limo or sedan service

Elizabeth Victory – A Floral Note – Christmas Wreath

Shawn Barghout – The Designer’s Eye – Gift Basket ($240 value)

Aleta Wiener and Jo Young – Travelling Vineyard and Fashion Fix with Jo – Gift Basket ($250 value)

Contact us for more info about donating a raffle item!

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